Cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale & eCommerce Integrations


Online Payments Integrations. (coming soon)

Our ecommerce plugins are current in development, you'll be able to install and activate our extensions on your store to accepte crypto payments with no volatility risk in a matter of minutes.


In-store Payments Integrations. (coming soon)

Dedicated hardware works for many of our customers, but for others it would be more preferable to integrate into their existing solutions, that's why we're working with device manufacturers and payment service providers to integrate CTX directly at the point of sale.


API-Based Integrations.

Do you run your own system for payments or need something more specific? Our API is easy to integrate and will allow your developers to create dynamic cryptocurrency invoices for any type of settlement - large or small. We also have developers on-hand to help your team utilise our system to its full capabilities.

API Integration Enquiry
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