About Us & Our Future Milestones

Our Mission.

Making the future of money more accessible.

Crypto can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. The sooner we move away from the realm of the experts and extrapolate that complexity the better. We want to make crypto simple for businesses and consumers alike.


CTX Management Team.



Ash Francis

Ash is responsible for managing the long-term direction and vision of CTX, he designs planned features, raises funding, markets the company and products, and oversees all other aspects of its operations. Ash is a serial entrepreneur with many years of expertise focused on inbound marketing & growth hacking.



Alex Cox

Alex is responsible for managing all technical aspects of the CTX platform, including oversight of all development, the architecture of the system, infrastructure, and technical implementation. Alex has over a decade of enterprise development experience, from working on trading engines to VOIP & telephony solutions.


Our Supporters & Investors.


Launch Academy

CTX is part of the 14th Maple Program cohort of Launch Academy (an incubator and accelerator).


Dash DAO

CTX has received funding from the Dash decentralized autonomous organization to build and grow its platform.


Planned Development Milestones

On-Ramp Release.


Our on-ramp is currently in beta, we will soon release it fully, unlocking all fiat and crypto assets for card purchase in all supported countries.

On-Ramp Expansion.


To improve the coverage and rates offered by the on-ramp we will be adding more providers, like Coinify and Moonpay.

On-Ramp Upgrade.


We will add support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, ACH and Faster Payments to the on-ramp for better rates and more options.

Additional Crypto Support.


We will add support for additional cryptocurrencies to be accepted by our merchant network, including Bitcoin, Eth + ERC20 and other relevant assets.

Full Off-ramp Release.


Our full merchant off-ramp services will be publicly released (rather than their current beta release) with extended geographical and fiat coverage.

DEX Implementation.


We will extend both our exchange product and our payments product to include a decentralized exchange for greater redundancy and asset coverage.

Ecommerce Integrations.


We will develop ecommerce plugins for the most popular ecommerce platforms (woocommerce, shopify, magento, prestashop, opencart, bigcommerce)

POS Integrations.


We will develop POS integrations for the most popular point-of-sale platforms (verifone, ingenico, ncr, clover, vend)

AliPay + WeChat Pay.


We will add support for other novel payment methods like AliPay and WeChat Pay to the system.


Help us build the future of payments.

We currently have no open positions, but will be expanding our team soon - feel free to send us your CV and we'll be in touch.

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